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Three ways to get medium size 225kW or 500kW wind turbines on your land for a lot less money...

Joint Venture

If you have money to invest, become our Joint Venture partner and receive an equal 50% share of the gross profit. Best of all, the re-engineered turbines we provide are significantly cheaper than new ones, meaning much faster payback.

Land Lease

Receive 15% of annual gross revenues, with no cost whatsoever. We pay for everything, including the planning application, turbines and ongoing upkeep. Ideal if you don't want to invest but still want to earn from wind turbines on your land.

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Looking to buy a turbine? Despite Feed-in-Tariff reductions, our re-engineered wind turbines can both save and make you a small fortune. They meet all OFGEM's criteria for FIT payments and are fully warrantied.

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Get wind turbines on your land for a lot less money.

Wind Turbines can make your business more sustainable and add a highly valuable extra stream of revenue which is backed by the Government for the next 20 years or longer.

There are two ways we can work with you—either on a simple Land Lease (rental) basis, where for a low investment and absolutely zero risk you get paid a fixed percentage of the revenues, or for a greater percentage of the profit we can become Joint Venture partners.

Click here for a general overview of our services, and don’t hesitate to get in touch when you’re ready for a chat.

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