Vestas V29 – 225kW wind turbine

The Vestas V29 is a slightly larger bladed 225kW medium sized wind turbine, suitable for sites with lower wind speeds.

Vestas v29


The energy capture of the Vestas V29 turbine is exceptionally good across a wide range of wind speeds, and comes installed on a 31 metre free-standing tower for maximum energy capture.


The Vestas V29 turbine is intended for a range of harsh conditions, especially exposed locations.The remaining design life of these machines is in excess of 20 years.


Generator Rating225kW @ 16 m/s
Rotor Speed43 rpm nominal
Cut-in Wind Speed3.5 m/s
Survival wind speed56 m/s
Rotor diameter29 metres
Rotor orientation Upwind
Number of blades3
Blade material Fibreglass/polyester
Control systemPitch controlled
Gear boxPlanetary
Generator Asynchronous
Yaw controlPowered
Tower height31 metres standard

At a particular location, the wind speed will vary about an annual mean value.

Note: The annual electricity consumption of a medium size home is in the region of 4- 6MWh or 11-16 kWh per day. At 6 m/s wind speed the Vestas V29 can provide the annual energy needs for 100 homes.

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