Installing Wind Turbines in 2019

A few years ago the UK Government made huge cut-backs to the Feed-In Tariff subsidy — which has drastically affected the viability of onshore wind in the UK.

Sadly this means we are no longer able to discuss our land lease opportunities unless the site is ‘ready’ for installation.

However, opportunities for wind turbines still exist in the right locations.

You need a site with:

1) High wind speed.

For a very rough idea of your site’s wind speed click here.

Your site needs at least 6 metres per second at 45 metres above ground level for it to be viable for wind turbines.

2) Planning permission for one or more big wind turbines.

We don’t do planning ourselves but have used Atmos Consulting for various sites in the past, and they’ve always been really helpful.

Due the the government cutbacks you really need to be looking at installing the biggest turbine your local council will accept.

Your planners (e.g. Atmos) should be able to advise but for reference the last turbine we installed (in Wales) was an 850kw Vestas turbine with a 81 metre tip height.

Finally if you have a good wind speed and can get planning for a big turbine, you will also need…

3) A feasible cost to connect your wind turbine to the National Grid.

If you’ve not done this yet you would need to apply to your local Distribution Network (DNO) for a ‘Budget Estimate’ for at least a 1 Mwh connections.

You can check who your local DNO is by clicking here.

Once you get a price for grid connection then feel free to come back to Boythorpe Wind Energy and we can work out what maximum size turbine you can install to generate the most return.

If you have a good wind speed, a viable grid connection budget estimate and think you can get permission for a big wind turbine then… great!

We can provide quality remanufactured wind turbines for your site, or alternatively we can can lease the site off you — so you don’t have to pay anything — and we pay you 10% of whatever the turbine generates for 20 years or more.