About Us

Boythorpe Wind Energy is owned and run by Edward Rivis and Mark Wilson, and was established to provide reliable, proven and affordable remanufactured wind turbines, ranging in size from 225 kW to 2MWh or larger.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Technical Director
Mark has over 25 years’ experience, and has worked within the renewable sector on power plants ranging in size from 11kW to 3mW exporting at voltages up to 11000 Volts, carrying out all work from planning right through to commissioning equipment and G59 testing.
Ed Rivis

Edward Rivis

Commercial Director
Edward is part of a family with numerous business activities - one of the most well known is the venture that started in the 1960s, when they developed and started manufacturing the green 'Boythorpe Cropstore' grain towers that you still to this day see on many farms.

About Boythorpe

Boythorpe is a name synonymous with Agricultural innovation, ever since the 1960s when it started manufacturing green 'Boythorpe Cropstores' tower silos. The old photograph below shows that although there weren't any wind turbines, there will still plenty of towers—they just didn't have rotors!

Boythorpe in the 1960s
Boythorpe in the 1960s
Boythorpe in 2019
Boythorpe in 2019

Innovation continued throughout the 70s and 80s with the 'Yorkshire Wold Mushrooms' venture that at one time was one of the largest employers in our area, with more than 200 staff picking and packing mushrooms on a commercial scale every day of the week.

In the early 90s we had the UK's first 'digital' sheep flock - where our 400 flock of Suffolk Cross ewes were all micro-chipped and had unique identities that allowed us to track lambing percentages and medication - allowing us to be 'more than' fully compliant with record keeping legislation.

Also around that time we had a 10,000 tonne commercial grain store and dried and stored grain and rapeseed for hundreds of farmers in the surrounding area.

Boythorpe Farm
Boythorpe Farm

Wind turbines are our latest venture, and the 'Boythorpe brand' is delighted to be not only helping the environment but also help farmers generate extra income, especially during some pretty tough times no thanks to extreme weather over the last few years.

Our Capabilities and Experience

Our engineering staff have extensive experience in the renewable sector. During the past decade we have worked on both wind and biomass projects, involving:

  • project development
  • land owner interface and land leases
  • joint ventures
  • wind studies, including installation of meteorological towers
  • project engineering and design
  • equipment procurement and installation
  • construction and start-up/commissioning
  • operation and maintenance

We employ an experienced team of electrical and engineering staff.  Our project team is designed to provide full-service, “turnkey” capabilities — from early project development and siting, to wind turbine construction and commissioning, to operation and maintenance after start-up — focused upon performance and results.  Based upon our proven track record, we are committed to providing superior services and projects.