About Us

Boythorpe Wind Energy was established to help UK farmers and land owners generate extra income, and reduce their electricity costs.

The company is owned and run by Edward Rivis and Mark Wilson, and provides with reliable, proven and affordable remanufactured wind turbines, ranging in size from 225 kW to 3MW or larger.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Technical Director
Mark has over 30 years’ experience in the renewable sector, and has worked on power plants ranging in size from 11kW to 3MW exporting up to 11000 Volts. Mark has personally carried out all work from planning right through to commissioning equipment and G59 testing. Mark oversees all technical aspects and manages our on-site teams.
Ed Rivis

Edward Rivis

Commercial Director
Edward manages the office side of things, and is your initial point of contact for turbine sales or land lease enquiries. Edward also writes and publishes articles on Wind Turbine Magazine. Please contact Edward if you would like to explore the possibility of a wind farm on your land in England, Scotland or Wales.

How We Can Help You

We have more than 41 years of combined experience in the renewable energy sector, and have collectively been involved in literally thousands of wind turbine projects, across the United Kingdom.

Over the last twenty years we've worked on wind projects of all sizes, from small 25kw pole mounted turbines up to huge wind farms.

Our refurbished wind turbines are installed on farms across the UK, and provide land owners with extra income and reduced electricity costs.

No matter how unusual or unique your requirements are, we can probably help.

In 2015, we installed a Boythorpe remanufactured Vestas V47 500kw wind turbine on a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides.

The ferry and island roads were too small, so the turbine had to be delivered by beach landing craft!

Boythorpe remanufactured Vestas V47 on an island in the Scottish Hebrides
Beach landing craft delivering a Boythorpe turbine to a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides

In 2014, we sold a Vestas V27 wind turbine to a leading UK University, who are using it to train the next generation of wind turbine engineers.

To our client's requirements, we removed the cover and modified the turbine so the students could see the internal components.

We also fitted some 'caps', so the students could see where the blades would normally attach.

Boythorpe turbine in a University training centre
Vestas blades being recoated

We are also one of the only—in fact probably the only—UK based turbine refurbishment companies who have in-house facilities to recoat turbine blades with aircraft grade paint.

This is performed in our purpose built factory on Boythorpe Farm in North Yorkshire.

These are just a few examples of our unique experience and capabilities.

As well as these rather unique projects, we do of course install our turbines on 'normal' farmland, and industrial sites around the UK.

Whatever your own unique requirements, we have the knowledge and experience to help and advice.

Get in touch for a friendly confidential chat about how wind  turbines can provide a significant new revenue stream for your business, reduce your electricity costs, help the envionrment and fight climate change.

A Highly Experienced Team

Our team of highly experienced team of electrical and engineering staff provide full-service, turnkey capabilities.

Our team at Boythorpe sell affordable, remanufactured wind turbines for deployment on farms and industrial sites anywhere in the UK.

We can help you with the entire process, from early project development and feasibility studies, through to installation, grid connection, commissioning and ongoing through to operation and maintenance.

If you're not sure about whether your land is suitable for wind turbines, request a free income estimate, and as part of that process we will be able to advise you appropriately.


About Boythorpe

Boythorpe is the name of the farm where our company was founded and still operates from.

It's a name synonymous with agricultural innovation, ever since the 1960s when it started manufacturing green 'Boythorpe Cropstores' tower silos that you may have seen on farms around the UK.

Boythorpe in the 1960s
Boythorpe in the 1960s
Boythorpe in 2019
Boythorpe in 2019

Innovation continued throughout the 70s and 80s with the 'Yorkshire Wold Mushrooms' venture that at one time was one of the largest employers in our area, with more than 200 staff picking and packing mushrooms on a commercial scale every day of the week.

In the early 90s we had one of the UK's first 'digital' sheep flock - where our 400 flock of Suffolk Cross ewes were all micro-chipped and had unique identities that allowed us to track lambing percentages and medication - allowing us to be 'more than' fully compliant with record keeping legislation.

Also around that time we had a 10,000 tonne commercial grain store and dried and stored Wheat, Barley and Oilseed Rape for hundreds of farmers in the surrounding area.

Boythorpe Farm
Boythorpe Farm

Our wind turbines are not only helping the environment, but also helping farmers generate extra income during tough times, including the knock-on effects of Brexit, global pandemics and climate change. .

Three ways we can help you...

We can swap your existing turbine(s) for more modern, efficient, reliable and profitable turbines that generate more, and you won't lose your FiT accreditation!

We can sell you remanufactured wind turbines, so you can develop your own wind farm—and receive 100% of the income they generate.

Our sister company AWP Wind installs wind turbines for free and then pays you rent as a percentage of the gross revenue every three months, totally risk free.