Land Lease (Rental)

Wind Turbine Land Leases are ideal if you don’t want to invest, but prefer to receive a rental income and enjoy cheaper electricity too.

If you already have planning consent for one or more wind turbines on your land, complete the form on this page—or call us on (01377) 267615—and we can give you an estimate of the annual rental income that we would pay for your site.

Sorry but due to recent Government announcements we can only look at sites which already have planning consent.

Provided you already have planning, we can take care of everything. Boythorpe Wind Energy will then pay you up to 10% of the Gross combined income from the turbine site, and the amount will rise in accordance with inflation over the 20 year lease.

We cover all the costs and there's nothing for you to pay ongoing either. Boythorpe Wind Energy maintain the turbine and can supply the property with clean renewable electricity.

Call us today for a chat about a wind turbine land lease.


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