Repower Your Existing Wind Turbines to Double or Even Triple Your Output

OFGEM recently announced that you can now swap your wind turbines for larger more efficient models WITHOUT losing your FiT accreditation.

This is one of the biggest opportunities since the Feed-in-Tariff was first announced.

Since 2013 we've been providing reliable and efficient remanufactured wind turbines to UK farmers and land owners.

We are now helping them swap their machines for even larger turbines that generate more electricity from the same wind resource.

Our re-engineered Vestas wind turbines cost less than half the price of buying new, meaning that repowering existing wind turbines can in some cases achieve a return on investment in just a couple of years.

Also when you get planning permission to repower, it also means you get decades more production too, way beyond your FIT accreditation expiry date.

Swap Your Wind Turbine & Significantly Increase Your Generation

We specialise in sourcing and refurbishing Vestas turbines between 225kW to 3MWh.

Sicne 2013 our sister company has owned and operated a fleet of Vestas turbines - they're proven workhorses, and are ideal to replace other brands which have proven to be unreliable and costly to maintain

Thanks to OFGEM's recent policy change that is now possible.

Two Year Full Warranty as Standard

All of our machines are fully warranted for two years, and can be insured against loss of earnings and breakdown just like any brand new wind turbine. We can provide details for recommended insurers on request.

Enquire about Repowering

Call us today on (01377) 267615 or enquire online if you would like a confidential no-obigation chat to discuss what options you have for repowering your site.

Please note we only repower turbines that are installed on land in England, Scotland and Wales.

Loading nacelle for transport to Scotland

Enquire about Repowering

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