Get Second Hand Wind Turbines that are Remanufactured to almost like new

Save a small fortune with highly reliable and efficient wind turbines that have had every moving component refurbished, re-engineered and remanufactured

Our Vestas wind turbines cost less than half the price of buying new, meaning you will achieve a much faster payback.

With a good wind speed you can break-even and start making a profit on your site, in many cases in less than half the time it would take if you bought a new turbine.

We Are Vestas Specialists

Sicne 2013 we've specialised in sourcing and refurbishing up to 3MWh Vestas wind turbines. We don't sell any other brand.

We run a fleet ourselves and therefore know how well they perform, and how reliable they are - we can show you performance data from our operational fleet on request.

2-Year Warranty as Standard

All of our machines are fully warranted for two years, and can be insured against loss of earnings and breakdown just like any brand new wind turbine. We can provide details for recommended insurers on request.

Enquire Today

Please note we only sell turbines for installation on land in England, Scotland and Wales.

Call us today on (01377) 267615 or enquire online if you would more information about our second hand wind turbines, and how you can save a fortune over buying the same size turbines brand new.

Remember, in terms of performance and reliability there's very little difference... apart from being hundreds of thousands of pounds cheaper!

One more thing you may be wondering...

Are they eligible for the Feed-In-Tariff?

Our sister company Allison Wold Power owns and operates a fleet of refurbished Vestas wind turbines dotted around the United Kingdom, and they are all fully accredited by OFGEM.

So yes, our remanufactured wind turbines were eligible to receive FIT payments under the scheme when it was available.

If the FiT scheme is reinstated in future it is highly likely the same rules would apply.

Yaw Gear Is Refurbished
Blades being coated
Chassis ready for rebuild
Loading nacelle for transport to Scotland

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