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Ofgem reducing tariff by 10% in October
Ofgem have unexpectedly made the shock announcement that the Feed in Tariff for wind is reducing by[more]
Used wind turbines receive full accreditation
Ofgem accredited three of our refurbished Vestas V27 and V29 wind turbines a few weeks ago.We'[more]
Feed in Tariff Drops 20%
As expected, OFGEM yesterday reduced FIT payments for onshore wind turbine sites with total install[more]
Too late for turbines on your farm?
In a recent conversation a farmer told me that if OFGEM reduce the Feed in Tariff by the expected 2[more]
How much does my grid connection cost?
One of the biggest issues for many farmers and land owners is getting a connection to the National [more]
Feed in Tariff Reductions Imminent!
Farmers and landowners with planning permission for turbines need to act fast to secure current tar[more]