Refurbished wind turbines

Refurbished second hand wind turbines can save you a lot of money because they can be bought for as little as half the cost over paying for a brand new turbine.

The wind turbines we provide are refurbished — although we prefer to use the term remanufactured.

Refurbished Vestas V29 supplied by BWEThis means our wind turbines are completely stripped down and rebuilt, and are taken back to factory tolerances.

They come out of the process looking and more importantly running like new.

We put the turbines through a rigid re-manufacturing process and do everything we can to prevent breakdowns and maximise performance.

Find out more information about our wind turbine remanufacturing process.

If you already have planning permission and are simply looking to buy second hand wind turbines we can provide those too, depending on availability.

Second Hand Turbine Enquiry

Please note we only sell turbines for installation on land in England, Scotland and Wales.

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