Wind Turbine Insurance

Our Wind Turbine “All Risks” Insurance package is backed by a major insurer and includes cover for…

  • Material Damage – Insurance of the Wind Turbine itself
  • Breakdown Insurance – covers for full reinstatement
  • Loss of Revenue insurance – extends to Annual Gross Revenue)
  • Insured Contingencies include damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped from them, theft or attempted theft, storm, flood or inundation from the sea, escape of water from any tank apparatus or pipe, subsidence, heave or landslip.
  • Guarantee, Maintenance or Service contract – Parts & Labour Included.

In a nutshell, our wind turbine joint venture partnerships include the most comprehensive type of wind turbine insurance fully available giving both sides of the partnership (you and us) total peace of mind for the full 20 years or more that we are receiving income from the turbine(s).