Enercon E66 – 1.5 MW

Enercon E66The Enercon E66 was manufactured by Enercon GmbH who are the fourth-largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world and have been the market leader in Germany since the mid-nineties.

One of Enercon’s key innovations is the use of a gearless, direct drive mechanism, used in combination with an annular generator. This is in contrast to most other wind turbines, which use a gearbox in order to increase the rotation speed of the generator.

Other differences in Enercon’s wind turbines are their distinctive drop-shaped generator housings (designed by Lord Norman Foster) and their towers, which are painted with green rings at the base to blend in with their surroundings.


General data:
Generated power
1500 kW
Operational area
2,5-28 m/s
Nominal rotor speed
18 rpm
Synchronous, direct drive, nominal frequency 50HZ
Power control
Yaw Control
Active through adjustment gear load-dependent damping
Weight and dimensions
Tower height
66,8 m (3 pieces, steel)
Rotor diameter
66 m
Tower weight
135.000 kg
Rotor + Nacelle weight
80.000 kg

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