Vestas V39 – 500 kW


A 500kW medium sized wind turbine suitable for powering larger farms, community projects and commercial properties.

The energy capture of the Vestas V39 turbine is exceptionally good across a wide range of wind
speeds and comes installed on a 40m free-standing tower for maximum energy capture.

The Vestas V39 turbine is intended for a range of harsh conditions, especially exposed locations.
The remaining design life of these machines is in excess of 20 years.

V39 Wind Turbine – Technical Specification

Generator Rating           500kW @ 16 m/s
Rotor Speed                   30 rpm nominal
Cut-in Wind Speed         4.5 m/s
Survival wind speed      50 m/s
Rotor diameter                39m
Rotor orientation            Upwind
Number of blades           3
Blade material                Fibreglass/polyester
Control system               Pitch controlled
Gearbox                          Planetary/helical
Brakes                             Disc
Generator                       Asynchronous
Yaw control                    Powered
Tower height                 40m
Tower                             Free standing


At a particular location, the wind speed will vary about an annual mean value. The expected energy yields for the Vestas V39 at various annual wind speeds (AMWS) is shown below:
AMWS m/s     Annual MWh     Daily kWh
4                      255                     699
5                      552                     1512
6                      785                     2151
7                      1114                   3052
8                      1672                   4581
9                      1999                   5477
Note: The annual electricity consumption of a medium size home is in the region of 4- 6MWh or 11-16 kWh per day. At 6 m/s wind speed the Vestas V39 can provide the annual energy needs for 190 homes.