All of our re-manufactured wind turbines are ideal for commercial or industrial applications or those looking for the benefits of being paid for the power you produce.

These advanced, proven, well recognised brand-name wind turbines have previously been in service on commercial wind farms, and have maintained longevity through routine maintenance.

We refurbish each turbine to original manufacturer specifications, and update the automatic control system.

Through our refurbishment process, each turbine is delivered to you in an ‘as-new condition’, with a use life comparable to a new system… but at a fraction of the price.

Note: We do not procure ‘broken’ wind turbines that need repairing before remanufacturing can commence. We procure turbines that were actively working immediately prior to being taken down for repowering (i.e. putting a bigger turbine in it’s place.)

Our process includes complete dis-assembly, thorough inspection and cleaning.

All wearing parts, bearings, and seals are replaced. High quality industrial finishes are applied to surfaces including towers, blades, nacelles, major parts, etc and the PLC control is up graded or replaced with a new firmware for increased reliability, ease of operation and Internet connectivity.

wind turbine reconditioningOur Process:

  • Tower/Head: Inspect/replace as needed welds, bearings, blast & paint frame, the unit will have new base bolts. Major axis and adjust on-axis coupling. Verification of tolerances in bearing seat shaft and bearings,
  • Gearbox: Check the stage trains, both primary and secondary for backlash and end play, replace seals and Verification of tolerances throughout the box. Hydraulic System cleaning and priming circuit pressure and leak test. Change seals, filters, fittings Verification of pressure level and vibration load, and repaint.
  • Brake unit: Pressure test, replace pads, leading lines (hoses), and rebuild brake caliper – as needed. Meg and test brake motor.
  • reconditioned wind turbineYaw system: Meg and test yaw motor. Inspect yaw gearbox, fill with fluid. Inspect, adjust slide shoes, or replace if needed
  • Generator: We disassemble generators; dry and impregnate the generator, re-dip armatures, and replace bearings. For small generators we check, adjust or replace belts. We also test and adjust the RPM sensor. Our dynamic test analyses noise and vibration. We perform a Thermal Verification test and paint unit.
  • Main shaft: Bearings and seals are inspected for wear and end play.
  • Instruments: We upgrade and test the anemometer and wind vane.
  • Controller: We tighten all terminations and test the upgraded unit.
  • SCADA: On request, we can install a SCADA remote monitoring system


Vestas blades being recoatedTo our knowledge we’re the only U.K. company that refinishes blades.

We strip and sand them down, find damage and repair to Vestas specification and then re-coat with a Vestas approved product, to protect them for the next 20 years of surface wear.

We inspect the tips, replace bushings and pins, if needed and (critically) ensure the blades are properly balanced with each other.