How to Buy a Wind Turbine?

If you’re wondering how to buy a wind turbine, the obvious question will be “How much do they cost?”

At Boythorpe Wind Energy we provide remanufactured wind turbines – so we don’t have a standard price, and we don’t keep ‘stock’.

We source used wind turbines based on every site’s unique requirements.

For example, if you have a low wind speed site you’ll need a different kind of wind turbine to the ones installed in extremely windy sites.

The most important question to ask isn’t ‘how much will it cost?’… the correct question is ‘How much money will it make?’ — because wind turbines are an amazing investment, if you have enough land in a windy part of the UK.

How Windy is Your Land?

Wind Speed is going to be one of the most important factors that determines how quickly you achieve a return on your investment.

Obviously the more windy your site is, then the more electricity your wind turbine generates and the more you can earn.

We can provide you with a free wind speed report that indicates what kind of wind turbine(s) you will suit your site the most, and provide a free no obligation estimate.

How to Buy a Wind Turbine for a Farm or Industrial Estate —

Our smallest turbines stand on a 30 metre tower and have 13 metre blades, so they are not suitable for installing in gardens!

(We actually get a lot of people who want to know how to buy a wind turbine for their garden – they’re usually rather shocked when they realise how large our turbines are!)

The biggest constraint is noise.

Our Vestas wind turbines have to be sited at least 300 metres away from your property, and at least 400 metres away from any other residential dwellings.

They also can’t be sited directly next to roads, railway lines or electricity or phone lines.

Can You Connect to the Grid?

Another key factor that determines whether wind turbines are feasible on your land is how much it will cost to connect them to the national grid.

If your nearest substation is a long way away, then the cost of cable to connect your wind turbines to the national grid could be so high that it’s not feasible – or you could be lucky and have a grid substation nearby.

You can find out where your nearest substation is by visiting and request a grid estimate.

We have also written a more detailed article about grid connections.

If after reading this you’re still wondering how to buy a wind turbine, just call us or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be happy to talk through the options.