How Bulb Going Into Administration Affects Us All

With the ongoing energy crisis and the record high gas prices, many providers are struggling to continue providing their services as it becomes financially unsustainable for them to keep on working. Twenty-two energy companies have already gone bust and many more are expected to follow this path. You’ve probably heard – Bulb Energy, which has …

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How to find the best price for your PPA

One of our customers emailed us this morning about trouble getting a PPA renewal quote. Unfortunately they’ve been told that their current PPA offtaker won’t allow them to renew, and ‘have paused all their winter pricing, because the market is too volatile.’ Our customer was asking if we can therefore recommend any other companies who …

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Has the UN failed at Climate Change?

YouTube channel Climate Story just published an excellent video about the United Nation’s efforts to deal with climate change. Here’s a link: If you heard about the UN’s recent report and wanted to know more about what they’re doing this video covers all the important stages. Recommended (and very sobering) viewing!

Installing Wind Turbines in 2021

A few years ago the UK Government made huge cut-backs to the Feed-In Tariff subsidy — which has drastically affected the viability of onshore wind in the UK. Sadly this means we are no longer able to discuss our land lease opportunities unless the site is ‘ready’ for installation. However, opportunities for wind turbines still …

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How to Buy a Wind Turbine?

How to Buy Wind Turbines

If you’re wondering how to buy a wind turbine, the obvious question will be “How much do they cost?” At Boythorpe Wind Energy we provide remanufactured wind turbines – so we don’t have a standard price, and we don’t keep ‘stock’. We source used wind turbines based on every site’s unique requirements. For example, if …

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UK Wind Turbine Feasibility in 2019, 2020 and beyond…

You probably heard – the UK government abolished the Feed-in-Tariff subsidy. That sadly means the refurbished and remanufactured medium size (225kw and 500kw) wind turbines we previously provided aren’t feasible any more. To generate enough income to pay back in a sensible amount of time was dependent on both export and subsidy. However, depending on …

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Too late for turbines?

Feed in Tariff deadline

Now that the Feed-in-Tariff has been abolished, you may be thinking wind turbines are no longer viable… but not necessarily so. Your land may still be suitable for wind turbines, depending on a number of key factors. These include… Your site’s average annual wind speed Planning constraints Cost to install Turbine performance If you are …

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Ofgem reducing tariff by 10% in October

ofgem feed in tariff

Ofgem have unexpectedly made the shock announcement that the Feed in Tariff for wind is reducing by another 10% on October 1st 2014. Last October they could have reduced the tariff, but didn’t, so the expectation (and hope) was that they wouldn’t exercise the right to reduce this October either. Unfortunately, they have. This will …

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Used wind turbines receive full accreditation

Ofgem accreditation

Ofgem accredited three of our refurbished wind turbines a few weeks ago. We’re posting this fact as a blog post today, because it disproves the seemingly common belief that Ofgem won’t accredit second hand wind turbines – which is the common story being espoused on various farming forums, by self-appointed experts who have obviously never …

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