How Much Land Does a Wind Farm Require?

Our smallest wind turbines need to be a minimum of 400 metres away from residential properties, ideally 500 metres or more to be sure there will be noise complaints. They also need to be 110% of tip height away from roads, train tracks, powerlines etc., so a minimum of 110 metres. Finally they need to …

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Which is the most efficient 225kw wind turbine?

How to Buy Wind Turbines

The most efficient 225kW wind turbine can vary depending on various factors such as location, wind conditions, and the specific needs of the project. Some popular wind turbine brands in this capacity range include Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, and General Electric, and each offers different models with varying levels of efficiency. However, two of the most …

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Repowering Endurances

In December 2021 OFGEM quietly announced they are now allowing turbine owners to ‘repower’ with larger machines. Not many turbine operators seem to know about this at the moment, but it’s actually a huge opportunity for them. If you own a 80kw Endurance, you could repower (i.e. replace it) with a 225kw turbine, and — …

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The future of onshore wind turbines from 2022 onwards

Wind farms are once again a viable option for UK farmers and land owners who want an extra revenue stream. This is in part due to rising cost of electricity imported from overseas. Wind power is one of the cheapest and cleanest sources of energy, and the UK has been developing onshore wind farms since …

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How COP26 Is (Or Isn’t) Going to Change Anything

In November 2021, representatives from over 200 nations around the world came together to address the global problem of climate change. The annual United Nations climate change conference took place in Glasgow, and ended on 13th November. But what was discussed? What decisions were made? And how will they reflect you as a consumer? Let’s …

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How Bulb Going Into Administration Affects Us All

With the ongoing energy crisis and the record high gas prices, many providers are struggling to continue providing their services as it becomes financially unsustainable for them to keep on working. Twenty-two energy companies have already gone bust and many more are expected to follow this path. You’ve probably heard – Bulb Energy, which has …

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How to find the best price for your PPA

One of our customers emailed us this morning about trouble getting a PPA renewal quote. Unfortunately they’ve been told that their current PPA offtaker won’t allow them to renew, and ‘have paused all their winter pricing, because the market is too volatile.’ Our customer was asking if we can therefore recommend any other companies who …

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Has the UN failed at Climate Change?

YouTube channel Climate Story just published an excellent video about the United Nation’s efforts to deal with climate change. Here’s a link: If you heard about the UN’s recent report and wanted to know more about what they’re doing this video covers all the important stages. Recommended (and very sobering) viewing!

Installing Wind Turbines in 2021

A few years ago the UK Government made huge cut-backs to the Feed-In Tariff subsidy — which has drastically affected the viability of onshore wind in the UK. Sadly this means we are no longer able to discuss our land lease opportunities unless the site is ‘ready’ for installation. However, opportunities for wind turbines still …

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