What is Wind Turbine Repowering?

Wind turbine repowering is the process of replacing your existing turbines with newer more efficient ones that generate more electricity from the same wind speeds.

The benefits of repowering include…

  • Increased generation and revenues
  • Replacing old turbines with newer more reliable models
  • Reduce noise emissions with modern blade technology and components

In 2020, there were over 28,000 wind turbines in the UK, and the government has set a target of 40GW of installed wind capacity by 2030.

The UK is one of the leading countries in the world for wind energy, and thanks to a recent change in legislation, repowering is quickly becoming an important part of the country’s renewable energy strategy.


In previous years, swapping a wind turbine with a more modern one would potentially cause you to lose your feed-in-tariff accreditation.

That would be a crippling blow for most turbine owners who rely on the subsidy.

However, OFGEM are now allowing UK wind turbine operators to swap their machines with more modern models.

This means you can now make more of your wind resources, without losing your FIT accreditation.


This is literally a game-changer for many wind turbine owners, especially those who wish they’d installed a bigger better turbine in the first place.

It’s also a huge relief for anyone who is regularly experiencing costly breakdowns with turbines that are now out of warranty.


Unfortunately Repowering isn’t as simple as just replacing your existing turbines with bigger ones.

In most cases (but not always) you will need to put in for planning permission, to obtain consent to install a different turbine. That obviously comes with it’s own challenges, especially if you’re looking to install taller towers and longer blades.

You may also need to perform additional surveys.

For example, if you are near an MOD facility or airfield, or have invisible UHF links passing over your land then there may be constraints over what size of turbines you can repower with.

And of course there are cost considerations. It’s vitally important to try and estimate as accurately as possible how long it will take to get a return on your repowering investment.


Repowering with a remanufactured turbine (a second-hand turbine that’s had all its moving parts either refurbished or completely replaced) can significantly de-risk your repowering project.

It can dramatically reduce the overall cost, and also the time it takes to achieve a return on investment.

Boythorpe Wind Energy are currently helping farmers and land owners across the UK repower with more efficient, reliable and profitable wind turbines.

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