Used wind turbines receive full accreditation

Ofgem accredited three of our refurbished wind turbines a few weeks ago.

We’re posting this fact as a blog post today, because it disproves the seemingly common belief that Ofgem won’t accredit second hand wind turbines – which is the common story being espoused on various farming forums, by self-appointed experts who have obviously never tried to do it themselves!

When we first announced that we were going to install used wind turbines on our two farms on the Yorkshire Wolds, lots of people very quickly said “You can’t do that!”

Not one person thought it was possible!

As a result many of those people could have spent more than double, triple or in some cases four times what they could have done, had they properly researched used wind turbines as a viable option.

One other thing we frequently hear is that used wind turbines are a risk due to the increased chance of mechanical breakdown. Again though this isn’t true – because all moving parts are either replaced or remanufactured… meaning our used wind turbines are almost like new again before they’re erected.

There is a warning though…

Yes—Ofgem will only accredit used (second hand) wind turbines that meet certain specific criteria.

If in doubt, call us and we’ll be happy to explain how we refurbish and remanufacture used wind turbines, and can also how our Joint Ventures and Land Leases work if you need help with the cost of installation and operation.