Are used wind turbines eligible for FITs?

Ofgem have today pre-accredited our Re-manufactured Vestas V29 Wind Turbine for the feed in tariff at our Boythorpe Wind Energy site – confirmed on their website and in a subsequent email. This of course answers the long-standing debate amongst farmers and land-owners and renewable energy consultants and experts… “Are used wind turbines eligible for FITs?” …

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The future of wind power – the latest research & expert opinions

The Future of Wind Energy

It looks like there is no stopping the momentum of wind power. The average cost of wind energy has reached an all-time low that beats fossil fuels in some places, and wind power capacity grew by 20 per cent worldwide last year. New ideas for technologies are being created and implemented all around the world …

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The key differences between onshore & offshore wind energy

Offshore Wind Turbines

Both onshore and offshore wind energy must be used to reduce carbon emissions and replace finite energy sources and their escalating costs. However, not many people are aware of the significant differences between the two options so we’ve just posted a new article which explores and explains the key difference between onshore and offshore wind …

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Why wind energy is not an option

For anyone whose head has been buried in sand over the last 20 years or more, we’ve just posted a brand new article which states the case for why clean, renewable and sustainable wind energy is no longer an option to protect the Earth and it’s inhabitants. (Sounds a bit dramatic, but the fact’s make …

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New article reveals why you need a wind turbine on your property

We’ve just published a new article which explains why UK landowners need to seriously consider putting one or more wind turbines on their land. Click here to read the full article, and find out why – as well as helping the environment – you will also be able to tap into an additional income for …

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Allison Wold planning – approved!

Our Allison Wold wind turbine project has just been passed by the local planning authority in the Ryedale region. Our first application for a 500kW wind turbine was initially withdrawn, because of issues with MOD radars and also due to a handful of neighbours objecting. However, after liaising with MOD safeguarding and preforming mitigation measures we provided …

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